COVID-19 NOTICE: We will be open 7 days a week from 10 AM to 6 PM
For firearms sales, private party transfers and lane rentals you MUST be in prior to 5PM.

Orange County Indoor Shooting Range is the finest indoor shooting range in the Southern California area, completely remodeled and renovated in June, 2007. We offer a safe, clean and friendly environment.

New shooters and families are always welcome at our facility. Our staff is ready and willing to help anyone who wants to get involved in the sport or just learn to use a firearm. We will answer all of your questions and help you have a safe and enjoyable experience.

In our lobby, we have provided comfortable chairs, magazines and a satellite TV for your convenience. Watching through the special safety glass, you have the option to view others shooting on the range.

What makes Orange County Indoor Shooting Range different from other ranges?

  1. Our Facility: Modern, Clean, and Safe

    The range area is equipped with modern shooting equipment and maintained on a daily basis by a staff.

    We have two separate fully automated shooting bays, each with 6 separate shooting lanes. Using the electronic target placement system, you can place your target anywhere from 12 to 50 feet from your shooting booth.

    Our lobby features a staff ready to assist you with anything you might need from advice to assistance, along with a full line of shooting accessories, new firearms, ammunition and cleaning supplies.

    Safety is our primary concern. The range is always overseen by Orange County Indoor Shooting Range certified range officers who maintain careful watch and control over the range. Range officers inspect all ammunition to ensure it is appropriate to use in the facility (we permit only standard ammunition with either lead or copper full metal jacket bullets). You will feel safe and comfortable while on the range and in the lobby area.

  2. Our Staff: Friendly and Knowledgeable

    Orange County Indoor Shooting Range prides itself on our friendly and knowledgeable staff to assist you.

    We will always answer your questions in a clear, professional and courteous manner. Advice and assistance are only a request away.

  3. Our Service: Full Service, Great Quality and Reasonable Prices

    Our facility features a full line of high-quality shooting accessories, ammunition, targets and supplies at competitive prices.

    We carry both new factory range practice ammunition and professionally loaded remanufactured range practice ammunition.

  4. Our Training: Firearms Training Classes

    We offer firearms training taught by certified experts. Training courses include using different kinds of handguns, using pistols and revolvers. Security guard training is also available.

For more information on Firearms Training visit the Firearm Training page. We hope to see you soon.