COVID-19 NOTICE: We will be open 7 days a week from 10 AM to 6 PM
For firearms sales, private party transfers and lane rentals you MUST be in prior to 5PM.

Online Forms

Save time by having all the paperwork needed to shoot at Orange County Indoor Shooting Range. Please read below to find the forms that apply to you, fill them out, print them and hand them to one of our range officers.

Note: Shooters bringing minors to shoot MUST sign the Liability Waiver & Range Rules form every time.
Liability Waiver & Range Rules Form
Shooters that either have never shot at our range or hasn't shot at our range within the current calendar year needs to fill out and sign the Liability Waiver and Range Rules.
Rental Agreement Form
Shooters wishing to rent our firearms and have not signed the Rental Agreement within the last year needs to fill out and sign the Rental Agreement.

Range Membership Form
Shooters wishing to sign up or renew a Range Membership.
FFL Request Form
Buyers that are buying firearms from out of state dealers, auctions, friends, etc. need to have prior permission from our Pro-Shop BEFORE we will accept shipment of any firearm. Fill out the FFL Transfer form, print it and bring it to a Pro-Shop employee for further instruction.